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Vip Torrent is a P2P filesharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games
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26 October 2015

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One of the fondest memories of childhood are the lessons of the good virtues that our elders taught us and one of those many valuable virtues was sharing. Sharing is very important and it is omnipresent in own lives we start of by sharing toys, then move to sharing candies and chocolates, then we share thoughts and ideas, and finally we share our life with someone. In fact, technological enhancement has added a new kind of sharing option in our lives that is sharing of various files. The presence of computers and various portable devices has increased the need to access files from various devices located in different places. Technology has decided to take care of this aspect and thus has provided us with VIP Torrent 4.0.4 and other such software.

Basically, this is a pear to pear (P2P) file sharing application for various contents present in computers, such as software, movies, music, documents, mp3 as well as various games downloads. This completely free program provides cutting edge technology as well as changes that are rare in similar programs. Thus, the user take benefit of BitTorrent Pro decentralized network for searching, sharing as well as downloading any files that the user requires. The most impressive features of this program are intuitive user interface, disk caching, fast resume, considerably low CPU usage, chatting, incredible speed limits, auto port mapping as well as capability to preview the downloading of files. It is very simple to install and customers has the option to choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced mode. These three modes have different levels of options which will be displayed on the tool and these options can be modified by the user whenever he desires. VIP Torrent 4.0.4 is Azureus P2P based and is specially optimized for Windows so that the users get faster downloading speed.

This program is a very useful for those users who access more than one system as well as needs to download good amount of different types of data. The program earns a score of four rating points owing to its quick functioning and robust performance.

Publisher's description

Vip Torrent is a P2P file sharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games downloads. You may now take advantage of the BitTorrent Pro decentralized network to share, search for, and download about any file you want to. Vip Torrent offers an intuitive user interface, fast resume, disk caching, very low CPU usage, speed limits, chatting, auto port mapping, and the ability to preview files while downloading. Vip Torrent is based on Azureus P2P, optimized for Windows, customized and improved for faster downloads.
VIP Torrent
VIP Torrent
Version 5.3
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Performs exactly as described. An incredible piece of software. Thank you!
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